About Us

We always believe that creativity can be simple but not ordinary while making it a reality. Crazy3DPrint was born by enthusiasts of 3D printing with one goal in mind – to building solid objects from scratch for the maker community with cost-effective.

We are just a group of five people (friends and colleagues together) who are super crazy about this 3D printing technology with relevant working experience over 5 years, and one day; we sketched out this project in order to make 3D printing more accessible for you.

The best DIY 3D printer kits for everyone get started without spending a fortune but remaining the print quality. After years of the development, in 2018, Crazy3DPrint receives the angel funding to launch our first 3D printer series – the CZ Generation.

Our Printers

Crazy3DPrint believes the future of 3D printing is owned by the maker community with shared open-resources (e.g., full-featured G-code) to make rapid prototyping more usable, reliable and accessible. We aim to provide you open-frame 3D printers in the design for your customised needs in software and/or hardware optimisation.

Our 3D DIY kits are developed based on the open source – Marlin firmware – given its growing popularity of that configuration can be easily customized and extended. It’s about time to lead the 3D printing industry to the new revolution of user-oriented solutions. We’re here with you to make the difference. And we are Crazy3DPrint!!